Chinese singer is recovering from burns to her body.
3 Mar 2016 - 12:55 PM  UPDATED 3 Mar 2016 - 12:55 PM


March, 6th

Tang Anqi has undergone first round of skin graft surgery, according to her agency.

So far the graft has been on Tang's eyes, eyelids, arms and knees. Next week, her legs will be treated.

Although she has regained consciousness, it's still too early to say that she's out of danger. A few days ago, a Chinese news program also questioned the flammability of Tang's outfit as it is quite unusual for garments to be engulfed in flame as quickly as it did on Tang. Police are still investigating the matter.

Source: Jpop Asia


March 3rd 

Police are investigating a bizarre accident which involves Chinese girl group SNH48 member Tang Anqi being set on fire at a café inside Baoshan District in China.

Apparently Tang was in a dispute with a friend around 7:45pm on Tuesday, when the 24-year-old was set on fire. It is yet unknown whether it was Tang or her friend was fiddling with a lighter which led to the accident.

The fact that she was wearing a down coat and silk stockings is what made her highly flammable. Store workers put her out eventually but Tang was taken to a hospital.

"She seemed to be fiddling with the lighter then. But none of us know what exactly took place as the staffers were all on the first floor of the store while the woman and her friend was staying on the second floor,' director of the cafe, surnamed Wen, told Shanghai Daily.

Below is the moment captured on camera by a passerby. 

According to Jpop Asia, around 80 percent of her body is suffering from burns. Tang will need a large amount of blood transfusion at this point and SNH48’s management said staff would donate.

Source: Shanghai Daily, Jpop Asia 

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