Prince Mak gives JJCC's hits an Aussie flavour.
7 Mar 2016 - 3:15 PM  UPDATED 7 Mar 2016 - 3:17 PM

While visiting home, Prince Mak had the right idea, to re-shoot JJCC MVs Down Under with his fans as band members. Andy Trieu crashed the party and this is what happened.





Leslie Yu
Judy Wu
Vi Nguyen
Justin Pham
Vanessa Porter
Penny Muller
Amelia Xena Yan-Zhang
Peijing Xu
Isabelle Li
Lily Wang
Vicky Lee
Alfred Lee
Sarah Qiu
Annie Chen
Olivia Fan
Elizabeth Wang
Christina Cao
Carla Benitez
William Fisher
Belinda Ting
Sylvana Lee
Jessica Tse
Stella Tjitrosantoso
Fiona Pu
Rachael White
Anna Li
Janelle Nguyen
Lena Luong
Sean Friend
Mariah Silvino
Mariel Yap
Christine He
Zhaozhi Lin
Lalathiella Noviana Sari
Jenny Inthapanya
Celina Tong
Mod Fahy
Catherine Li
Ryan Barraga
Clare Tampi
Maggie Phu
Lisa Pai
Lisa Song
Lena Ma
Cindy Pham
Micaela Liu
Analee Steble
Regina Shu
Beatrice Parfait
Kamil Abdullahi
Aimee Speight
Bindi Brown
Isaiah Requierme
Stef Georgiadis
Amanda Brown
Anitta Chittranonh
Thalia Jeanson
Bianca Kroechel
Erica Trigo Garcia
Priscilla Zhang
Analee Pham
Katharine Tat
Noeline Domeon

Directed by Prince Mak. 

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