It’s not like I wrote this blog because I like you, or anything! B-BAka!
10 Mar 2016 - 6:04 PM  UPDATED 10 Mar 2016 - 6:04 PM

The Japanese term ‘tsundere’ has had a spin in the kpop spotlight lately, thanks to Taemin’s recent ‘Tsundere café’ skit on SNL Korea.

‘Tsundere’ comes from the terms tsuntsun, which means aloof, irritable, and high and mighty; and deredere, which means lovestruck.

So: tsunderes are people who seem cold and stuck-up on the outside, but are actually soft and affectionate on the inside.

I wonder if Helga from the Hey Arnold cartoon knows she’s tsundere?


Later in life I noticed that I’m exactly like Helga: I get embarrassed expressing my affection so I try to hide it by acting coldly and indifferently towards my crushes. This gets confusing, because I act coldly and indifferently towards people I don’t like, too :P

But the question here is…are YOU tsundere?

Here are 10 signs that you may be one:
1. You’ve got your resting bi+ch face down pat.
2. You call your crush ‘stupid’, when you really want to kiss him or run your fingers through his hair.
3. You’re purposely mean to your crush so he won’t catch on that you actually looovvveeee him.
4. You go out of your way do something nice for your crush but LOUDLY assure him that you didn’t do it for his sake, ESPECIALLY NOT because you like him.
5. You get embarrassed expressing your soft and sweet emotions, so you overcompensate with toughness and indifference.
6. You look angry when someone complements you because you’re face doesn’t know what to do when you’re pleased.
7. You vehemently deny that you’re blushing / cute / pleased, even when it’s obvious to everyone—including yourself—THAT YOU ARE.
8. You’re actually really sweet and loving deep inside, but you JUST.CAN’T.
9. You actually care, but some biological glitch is preventing you from expressing it like a normal, nice person.
10. You do/ say something mean to your crush and the inner you immediately agonizes over WHY YOU HAD TO BE SO MEAN. WHHHYYY CAN’T YOU JUST TELL HIM YOU LIKE HIM?!
So…how many tsundere signs do you exhibit?


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