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Peter uses "wrong number" message for inspiration.
10 Mar 2016 - 10:23 PM  UPDATED 10 Mar 2016 - 10:23 PM

Peter's been busy catching up with Super Junior members & making music:

  • Caught up with Donghae on the phone – Donghae told him to start preparing for the new album when they get discharged from the military
  • Inside the music producer’s brain
  • Approaching the song writing process
  • K-pop idol dance tracks the hardest to write 
  • Starting to listen to music in a new way – analysing
  • Fan question: how is Donghae? Still recovering from treatment, back at the base now
  • Fan question: who will dominate 2016?
  • Lee Hi comeback – matured a lot
  • Many SM collabs recently - Peter’s take on collabs – as long as they’re done well and for the right reason
  • Down to the Top 10 of K-Pop star – many audition programs on now, is it too much? Is there room in the industry for these artists to stand a chance?
  • Fan question: Weirdest thing used to record in the studio?  Dialing the wrong number XD 

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