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From wrestling to cats and everything in between, is there anything Ladybeard is not on top of?
22 Mar 2016 - 9:50 PM  UPDATED 22 Mar 2016 - 9:50 PM

So many adventures in the life of Ladybeard. Here are a few stories:

  • J-pop news: Gackt world tour 2016 kicks off; Wagakki Band rocks SXSW; Perfume announces album release date
  • Ladybeard adventures: big wrestling match happened last night (Judgement 2016) – tag team battle with Saki against LiLiCo and her hired thugs
  • Ladybeard played Street Fighter 5 on TV with some other celebrities, he won every game!
  • Metal Detector: Dazzle Vision – band which has now disbanded, had a female lead singer who had a great scream
  • Fan question: has Ladybeard played Neko Atsume?
  • Ladybeard’s rant, you don’t know where the cats came from they could be evil cats.
  • Ladybeard’s parents’ house has like 40 cats – post apocalyptic world where cats live and they talk about humans as we do the Mayans (humans were an ancient civilization who walked on their hind legs and built the cats’ dwellings)

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