CL's evolution proves that she's a true style chameleon.
3 Apr 2016 - 12:28 PM  UPDATED 3 Apr 2016 - 1:02 PM

From colour to sass, cute to sexy, 2NE1's fearless leader CL has come a long way since "Lollipop" days.

We take a look back at the making of a Queen!


Little Minzy & CL! 


Dara and CL! 

There was also this colourful collab with brother band BIGBANG ahead of the debut! 


We dare you to NOT dance XD 


2009 - 2010 : Debut, here we come!

"Fire" & "I Don't care" catapulted the girls onto the centre stage!

 Check out those colours and patterns, yo! 


CL made heads turn with her eclectic sense of style! 

2011: The year of “I am the best!”

Having a song tell the obvious fact helped seal the girls' status in stone.

By now, it was clear that CL was a trendsetter! 


Sunnies also became her trademark item, along with her bad-girl eyeliner!

That time she was on BBC!

Oh & she took the stage with!

2012 : From sassy to sexy. CL steps up her fashion game! 

Jeremy Scott & CL's collab began!


The year she also proved her versatility to sing with Sung Sikyung to commemorate the passing of Yoo Jaeha. 

She's not just a fancy rapper!  

2013: From Best to Bad 

Tabloids had a field day when CL + Taeyang took this picture! 

Also the year CL went from the Best to the Baddest! It takes a lot to hold your own "bad" with Lee Hyori, you know?! 

2014: Blonde Ambitions!

The point where CL went blonde! She’s obviously toyed with the colour before, but she went brighter than ever before (and for the longest period)!  

The fact that she was teaming up with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun also made headlines and got people talking about her US debut!

The deal was signed, but as yet, no date had been set.


2015: Hello, America! 

CL to take on the USA!

It was announced that CL would make her debut at last! Countless US media reported on her and her Diplo collab at the Mad Decent Block Party in the USA. 


She was also in a video with Justin Bieber & Ariane Grande

Towards the end of 2015, CL finally dropped her pre-debut song, "Hello Bi**hes" choreographed by the famed choreographer Parris Goebel!

Turning up at various awards (VMA's with Jeremy Scott for one, as pictured below) and fashion shows, US media started paying attention to our queen of K-pop!


Having Alexander Wang as a pal def helped her fashion icon status.



From Vogue to Billboard, US (and the world) has definitely taken notice!



2016: On to the global scene! 

Recently, CL was listed on Time Magazine's "most influential people" list and had overtaken Beyonce in the online poll.  


Where to next? World domination XD


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