Minzy is set to go her own way!
5 Apr 2016 - 4:47 PM  UPDATED 5 Apr 2016 - 7:50 PM

After days of speculation that Minzy was looking for another agency, YG Entertainment has come out to verify the rumour.

"We have some bad news for fans of 2NE1. Our youngest member Minzy won't be with 2NE1 anymore. 

2NE1's contract expires on May 5 and during negotiations, Minzy and the company couldn't come to an agreement," said the release from the agency.

On the company's website, a lengthy explanation was given.

"When Minzy said she'd leave, the other girls wondered if they should disband, but the CEO Yang Hyunsuk said he wanted to keep 2NE1 together as much as possible." Thus the girls decided to stick it out through the thick and the thin. 

Meanwhile, there was some good news to be had. The rest of the members are set to release a song with the summer as the target time frame. For now, there won't be anyone replacing Minzy and the girls will be active as a trio.

Source: Star News 

With Minzy gone, can 2NE1 still rock it as a trio?
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