• Beauty brand SK-II has released a poignant short film to empower the single unmarried women of China. (SK-II)Source: SK-II
As part of their #ChangeDestiny campaign, beauty brand SK-II has released a poignant short film to empower the single unmarried women of China.
Shami Sivasubramanian

7 Apr 2016 - 12:21 PM  UPDATED 7 Apr 2016 - 12:26 PM

Japanese beauty brand, SK-II, has launched an Asia-wide campaign to stand up to the harmful gender stereotypes that hold several women back. The campaign is called #ChangeDestiny.

The latest advert in this campaign comes in the form of a four-minute film depicting the experience of Chinese single women.

The film talks about a common Chinese slang term used to denote unmarried woman over the age of 25 - "sheng nu" which translates to "leftover woman".

Other Asian countries have their own versions of "leftover woman". In Japan, for example, unmarried women are called "Christmas cakes" because their value decreases after their 25th. And in Korea, any single woman who is shown to be headstrong is said to have "noncheonyo hysterie" or "late maid hysteria".

Titled 'Marriage Market Takeover', SK-II's film highlights the regressive views many Chinese parents still have when it comes to their daughters' marital status.

In the video, one mother comments of her daughter, "She's not pretty... that is why she is a leftover woman."

Another father says, "If she can't find the one, it will be heart disease for me."

Another says, "Don't be so free willed," and another, "You're too picky."

"In our day it was simple. You get matched, you get married," says one father. (via SK-II)

But once the parents are visit a matchmaking "marriage market" where their daughter's profile complete with bios that celebrate their independence, are on display, the parents soften their views on marriage.

One of the bios read, "I don't want to get married just for the sake of marriage. I won't be happy that way."

"If she feels okay to be single, we will still respect her," says one father after reading his daughter's bio.

"Leftover women are outstanding. Leftover men need to try harder," says a mother through tears.

One of the women says she is not a "leftover woman" but instead calls herself a "powerful woman", finding the latter a much better fit.

"I'm confident. I'm independent. I love life. I'm a pretty outstanding woman," she says.

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