Bet you didn't know these things about B.A.P!
7 Apr 2016 - 5:51 PM  UPDATED 7 Apr 2016 - 6:02 PM

Call yourself a B.A.B.Y? Did you know ALL OF these facts?

To kick start, their name B.A.P means Best Absolute Perfect and NOT Blonde and Peroxide XD

This is what they said to us last time they were in Australia!



The group debuted in 2012 and after a hiatus in 2014, came back at the end of 2015! 




But wait, there's more!!!

Yongguk is from an island -- the island of Leejack off the city of Incheon!

He has a tattoo on his back that says “Do what u like and luv What u do," one on his bicep that says “Make Art Not War," &  one on his chest that says “Viva La Revolución” and a drawing of John Lennon on his left inner elbow. His ideal type is a woman with morals. He thinks it’s nice to see someone help an elder grandma or grandpa on the street despite not having a pretty face.



Himchan was on a scholarship from middle to high school for his Korean traditional music skills!



Daehyun is left-handed!

Yongguk (and others too) are always making fun of Daehyun's Busan dialect. 

TVXQ is the band that inspired him to be a singer!

Daehyun & Youngjae are the closest band members



His blood type is AB - aka the 'psycho blood' XD It's said in Korea that people with this blood type are either crazy or a genius!

Youngjae actually came 1st at JYP's 6th audition and trained there for a year before leaving.

He was a backup dancer for Secret!

Known as "the brain" of the group!

He's friends with GOT7!



His nickname is "Moon Angel" because his surname is Moon and he's always smiling!

Jongup attended an arts high school! 

When asked who his ideal girl was Anna from "Frzoen" 

He's also the (forced) "aegyo" king of the group ><




At 19 years old, Zelo is the baby of the group!

Despite being the baby, at 187 centimeters, he's the tallest of the group! 

A true Korean, his favourite food is kimchi! 

Was in a subunit with Yongguk. They were called "Bang & Zelo."

Sometimes he sleep talks and converses with his band members. 

He's a born "Kiyomi"

He also has a serious side. One time he cried on stage as he read out a letter he wrote for his parents


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