Time to get your "awww" on for #NationalPuppyDay !
24 Mar 2017 - 2:11 PM  UPDATED 24 Mar 2017 - 2:40 PM

Sometimes pets become as famous as their star owners, thanks to their owner's constant postings. In celebration of #NationalPuppyDay, here are 14 adorable Asian pop stars and their equally adorable puppies!

1. Recently Ayumi Hamasaki took to Instagram to introduce her latest family!

2. Show Luo is a big dog lover!

He's been very vocal about adopting rather than buying dogs. 

3. Lee Hyori

She has been an animal rights activist for a while, especially championing for adoption. She's even authored a book on finding happiness after adopting her beloved Samsoon. 

4. Kwanghee having waaay too much with with a Welsh corgi XD

5. G-Dragon has the cutest dog ever!

6. Hyuna!!!

When she's not busy, she loves to hang out with her doggy, Yuchi!

Hyuna makes the best mummy~  

7. Super Junior's Siwon's French Bulldog is the sweetest thing ever!

Here, here Siwon is consoling his dog Bugsy that he'll be back from the Army in no time XD

8. Yang Yoseob playing with his puppy Yangang! 

In the video, Yoseob is trying to instill a sense of hierarchy by eating first before feeding his playful pup. Awww

9. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and little pigs.

Could this get any better?

10. Goo Hara 

She and pooch Pang sorta look alike, don't you think? 

Hara is an ambitious owner, teacher her pooch to skate! 

And it looks like Pang is also Hara's biggest fan

11. YouTube Star/BgA leader Ryan Higa (aka R.O.P) has the sweetest puppy ever!

12. f(x)'s Amber has even given her beloved pup, Jack Jack, his own Instagram account!

Which he has to share with his cat BFF, Tuna...

13. BTS' Jin loves his puppy as much as he loves his ARMYs

14. This lucky pup gets love from both GOT7's Mark and Youngjae!


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