These couples broke the internet for a little while....with their age gaps!
5 May 2016 - 10:22 AM  UPDATED 5 May 2016 - 10:36 AM

10. IU - Jang Kiha 

It was shocking enough to hear that the squeaky clean K-pop princess was dating. Even more to know that the man in question was Jang Kiha from the group Jang Kiha & faces, who is 11 years older than IU! 


9. Gackt & Ayumi

Although no longer together, when they were an item, the former Sugar member Ayumi and J-pop legend Gackt had 12 years between them.


8. Jay Chou & Hannah Qunlivan

The pair had the biggest wedding of Asian pop in 2014. Coincidentally there is also 14 years between the pair. 


7. Girls' Day's Hyeri & Tony An

When Hyeri met Tony, she called him her "big, senpai".

With 16 years between them, it was probably the right thing to do >< Although no longer together, the couple was found to be dating when the picture [below] surfaced. 


6. Actress Han Hyejin & soccer player Ki Sungyeong

The couple didn't let 8 years (Han is older) get in the way. Now they have a bouncing baby girl!


5DAIGO & Keiko Kitagawa 

Japanese musician DAIGO is 38 years old & his new wife Keiko is 29! 


4.  Rainbow's Hyunyoung & boyfriend Alex from Clazziquai is 12 years apart!


3. Actor Lee Donggun & T-ARA's Jiyeon are picture perfect. Who could guess that there's 13 years between them!



2. Lee Homwang & Li ChingLei

A good decade stands between the C-pop star Lee Homwang & his wifey!


1. Sulli & Choiza

So many rumours and comments follow this couple, especially with the former f(x) member not being shy about posting pictures of the pair on Instagram. Looks like the 14-year age gap means nothing to Sulli.

Sulli keeps posting pictures of her & Choiza despite the hate
Sulli doesn't seem to mind the hate on Instagram as she keep posting couple pics.
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