Lucky is back with her cosplay tips!
10 May 2016 - 4:45 PM  UPDATED 10 May 2016 - 5:20 PM

What’s up, fellow geeks!

This past week has seen me totally struck down with the dreaded flu so in place of my spectacular, high budget vlog, I present to you a humble blog.

I’ll be back at it with the terrible videos next week, I promise.

So what’s happening in my world right now?

Well, after many weeks of procrastination (shock horror for a cosplayer amirite?) I’ve started my costume for Haven Expo. For those of you who don’t know, Haven is a fresh convention in Mackay during July, which I will be a guest at. Here’s a link for you all to have a gander HERE!

Now, I’ve never been a guest at a con before so this will be a totally new experience for me. Thankfully, plenty of my fellow Sydney CosBros will be there with a big shout out to my partner in crime, Something Wicked Cosplay.

We’re doing a team up again for Haven. Big surprise there! We’ll be cosplaying as Rocksteady and Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I know what you’re thinking…

“Uh. Those dudes are a giant mutant rhino and pig…”

By the power of prosthetics and body paint, we WILL become these characters! While I continue to look for just the right horn for my little human nose, I’ve already pieced together most of the costume from clothes and props I already had. One of the best things about cosplaying is being able to make something with your own spin on it. I am not (despite popular belief) a giant mutant rhino but Rocksteady has very obvious characteristics that I can draw upon to put my costume together.

I had some cargo pants and jungle boots already, as well as a belt that I’ve used in multiple costumes including Lady Deadpool and Rogue. So, the existing stuff is all well and good but it looks too “nice”.

Rocksteady is a thug so I decided to make the costume look gritty and dirty by dry brushing parts. Dry brushing is basically what the name suggests: using a dry paintbrush to apply a certain textured look to props and clothes to make it look worn.

This costume will come down to the prosthetic and body paint in the end. I think I’ll experiment with making my own horns. I’ve seen some YouTube channels that make small prosthetic pieces from air-dry clay and liquid latex so I’m keen to have a go at that.

You can follow my progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter these days so hit those up for more play-by-play trial and error posts.

What else…oh yeah! Free comic book day!

That was a huge day! Two of the biggest and best places to be were Kinokuniya and Kings comics for obvious reasons. I didn’t cosplay this year because I was helping my partner do the cosplay competition photos at Kinokuniya.


Both run cosplay competitions and great sales on the day which encourages a big turn out and let me tell you, people flock to FCBD these days!

It was exciting to see so many people coming in and checking out the comics and artists. The best part of free comic book day is seeing people who’ve never read a comic pick one up and have a go.

Running into friends is always a bonus, too ;)

I’m looking forward to next year being an even bigger celebration of comics and all things geeky.

Well, I’ve channeled my inner HSC English student enough for one day. Tune in again soon for the regular broadcast of my fabulous vlog.

I’ve been Lucky, KTHNXBAI! 


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