After being misdiagnosed with the flu, BTS' Jungkook will rejoin his group mates in their upcoming round of promotional activities.
12 May 2016 - 9:31 AM  UPDATED 13 May 2016 - 10:36 AM

***** UPDATE *****

After yesterday's announcement regarding BTSJungkook dropping out of the group's upcoming schedule of promotional activities due to illness, Big Hit Entertainment has released a follow-up statement - and it turns out Jungkook is fine!

Jungkook was initially diagnosed with the flu, but this proved to be a false diagnosis. Apparently, Jungkook's fever was related to a case of tonsillitis, but after some much needed rest and recovery, he is good to get back on the stage!

Here's Big Entertainment's follow-up statement: 

This tweet translates to:

"While on the 11th, Jungkook was diagnosed with the flu during his 1st examination at an ENT, at a 2nd examination that night through a college-affiliated hospital, we were informed that the flu was a false diagnosis. His high fever was due to the beginning stages of acute tonsillitis, and after receiving appropriate treatment and taking rest, Jungkook has regained his normal health condition. 
As a result, we notify that Jungkook will participate in all BTS activities related to the special album including music shows and fan sign events as of the 12th. 
Thanks to all the fans who sent encouragements for Jungkook's recovery." 

While it'll be great to see Jungkook rejoin his group mates back on the stage, we're just glad to hear that he is doing okay! 

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Big Hit Entertainment has just released an important statement over Twitter about BTS - and it's not good.

Due to a bout of high fever and flu, BTS member Jungkook will skip the group's upcoming round of promotional activities for their newly released album. While Jungkook will be absent, the rest of BTS will still be attending all scheduled promotions.

Here's what Big Hit Entertainment had to say: 

This tweet translates to:

"Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment. We are here to announce everyone that BTS Jungkook will be absent on music shows and fan sign events for BTS's special album starting today (May 11). Today, Jungkook was confined to the hospital because of a high fever and was given the diagnoses with flu; the medical specialist recommended him to be carefully monitored for a period of time."

Big Hit also added, "Therefore, Jungkook will not make his appearance in the scheduled fansign event today, and it seems that it will be difficult for him to perform on music shows and fan signing events this week. We are asking for fans understanding. With the exception of Jungkook, the other 6 members will be attending the set schedule. Once again, we apologize for all the fans who are anticipating for BTS activities for the special album."

Many fans immediately started sending Jungkook supportive messages with the hashtags #GetWellSoonJungkook and #정국아_아프지마, causing both to trend worldwide. Here are just some of the many nice tweets that have been sent out:

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