K-Pop dance practice videos are more than just tutorials for dance routines - they're also full of laughs!
16 May 2016 - 12:00 PM  UPDATED 16 May 2016 - 12:00 PM

Whenever K-pop groups release a dance practice video, it's always a good experience to see just how much work goes into their complex dance routines. But practice videos are more than just a glimpse into the work ethic of K-pop groups - they're also incredibly funny! Not only do K-pop stars work hard, they also like to have a good time behind-the-scenes as well! 

For those wanting some lighthearted shenanigans from groups such as AOA and BTS, here are eight goofy dance practice videos that's bound to bring a smile or two to your face!

8. Teen Top - "Lovefool" 

Seems like the Teen Top boys are more preoccupied with all the Halloween decorations littering than getting any dance practice in!

7. ASTRO - "Puss in Boots" 

What happens when you give ASTRO a selfie stick and a heap of animal pajamas? Well, three minutes of this...

6. ZE:A - "Watch Out" 

There's just something about ridiculously entertaining about animal kigurumis. Combine that with the members of ZE:A dancing to "Watch Out", and you've got yourself something magical! 


5. VIXX - "Error"

Considering the song is titled "Error", it kind of makes sense that VIXX's dance practice video is filled with - yep you've guessed it - errors.

4. EXID - "Every Night" 

There is a bit of dancing in this video for "Every Night", but the EXID girls are more focused on messing about instead of practicing! 

3. GOT7 - "Stop Stop It"

The MV for "Stop Stop It" was basically all about teenage shenanigans, but the dance practice video ramps it up to ridiculous levels!

2. AOA - "Like a Cat"

"Like a Cat" had quite a provocative and sultry MV, but all that is gone in AOA's dance practice video. Wearing white-cat onesies, the girls trade sexy for cute in what is quite an amusing video. 

1. BTS - "War of Hormone"

The MV for BTS' track, "War of Hormone", was pretty intense. The dance practice video though? Considerably less so. 

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