Jessica is revealing everything about her relationship with Tyler Kwon.
17 May 2016 - 12:37 PM  UPDATED 17 May 2016 - 1:02 PM

It’s been 2  years since media started suggesting that former Girls’ Generation member Jessica was in a relationship with Tyler Kwon – now the head of her new agency Coridel Entertainment.

While promoting her new album, Jessica spared on details about her affections for her beau.  When asked how she was, Jessica said “whether you are a man or a woman, when you’re loved you look good and are happier.” She also admitted that before Tyler, she’d never been in a relationship for longer than a year. 

When asked what it was about Tyler that drew her to him, Jessica said it was his “smartness" before adding that he "understood" her like noone else does.  

Source: Daum

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