• Seolhyun talks about her skin controversy from the 36th Blue Dragon Awards. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
“There was a time I revealed [my dark skin] once and it was not good.”
Sarah Norton

27 May 2016 - 3:20 PM  UPDATED 27 May 2016 - 3:24 PM

There has been a lot of attention around South Korean AOA star Seolhyun’s skin colour.

As an actress and model, the 21-year-old is always in the limelight and people often comment on her darker complexion. There are many online comments saying that her dark skin detracts from her beauty.

Sometimes in Korea, people try to lighten their skin if they want to attain what they believe to be a more beautiful skin tone.

Seolhyun’s skin is a hot topic for Netizens – very keen internet users – and is often debated among online forums.

At the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards in November last year photos appeared of the star with her face looking much whiter than the rest of her body. Netizens thought her whiter makeup was too obvious as it clashed with her darker skin.

Seolhyun’s response to the criticism was posted on a forum platform Pann:“I first got criticized for having dark skin so I decided to whiten my skin tone with make-up but they insulted me at the fact that I applied make up in white….I got criticised for this and that…. I guess I just can’t satisfy everyone.”

The comments rolled from there with people saying if she wants to look whiter she should be applying her makeup in a better way – so it covers her neck too.

The South Korean star has now spoken in an interview on KBS 2TV about her humiliation around the face whitening criticism she received from her award ceremony photos.

“I think my insecurity is my dark skin. While trying to hide it, [my make up] became like that,” she told the TV show.

“Even before leaving for ‘Law of the Jungle’ I really worried a lot. I had bad memories from the last time I revealed [my dark skin], but I was having to [reveal my dark skin] just as those were going away.”

The stigma around skin colour is rife in pop culture. Hopefully Seolhyun's story will highlight the need for everyone to stop judging stars on the colour of their skin.

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