When they're not singing and dancing, these 8 Asian pop stars are lighting up screens and stages with their acting ability!
3 Jun 2016 - 1:11 PM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2016 - 1:11 PM

For the most part, Asian idols are generally known for singing and dancing. But some stars have branched out into acting, and have proven that their talent isn't only limited to music! From the stage to the big screen, here are eight Asian pop stars who have some serious acting chops to go with their musical talent!

8. Jun Matsumoto

To J-pop fans, Jun Matsumoto is known for being a member of Japanese group Arashi. But to others, Jun is probably best known for his role as Tsukasa Dōmyōji on the Japanese drama "Hana Yori Dango", a part that he's won several acting awards for!

7. Aya Ueto

After initially finding fame as a singer, Aya Ueto is probably now best known for her acting than her music! From Japanese blockbusters like "Azumi" to dramas like "Kinpachi-sensei", Aya certainly has some serious acting chops to pull so many roles off!

6. Vic Chou

Vic Chou was initially a member of Taiwanese boy band "F4", but after the group's break-up, Vic has made his name is quite the multi-faceted actor! After initially starring in typical idol dramas like "Meteor Rain", Vic expanded his acting range with a seriously good performance in "Mars".

5. Hyeri - Girl's Day

She may be the youngest member in Girl's Day, but Hyeri is quickly becoming the group's most talented actress! In fact, Hyeri is up for a number of awards for her acting in the Korean drama series "Reply 1988"!

4. Jin Akanishi

Aside from being part of J-Pop group KAT-TUN and having a successful solo music career, Jin Akanishi has proven to be an actor with a wide talent range! From theatre work and Japanese television dramas to Hollywood blockbusters like "47 Ronin", Jin definitely isn't short of any acting talent!

3. Suzy - Miss A

Miss A's Suzy only started acting in 2011 when she was cast in the Korean drama "Dream High", but after winning a number of acting awards on that show, she's now also branched out into film (where she won some more acting awards)!


BIGBANG usually takes up most of T.O.P's time, but when he's not singing and dancing, he's lighting up the big screen with some seriously good acting! Just check out his work in "71: Into the Fire" and try not to be amazed!

1. IU

What can't IU do? Not only is she a talented musician, but if her work on "The Producers", "Bel Ami", and "You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin" is anything to go by, she's an even more talented actress! 

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