EXID's Hani's fan cam has become the most-watched fan cam ever on YouTube!
5 Jun 2016 - 10:46 AM  UPDATED 7 Jun 2016 - 4:58 PM

As at 10:30 am on the 5th of June, 2016, a fan cam of EXID’s Hani has reached 20,005,468 vies on YouTube. This makes it the most-viewed fan cam on YouTube to date.  

The video was recorded on the 9th of October in 2014 at a show where EXID performed “Up & Down.”

The footage has been a hit online ever since being uploaded the day after and even helped boost sale of the song online. On the feat of the video Hani said she was still thankful and glad that others liked it.

“When I watch the video I remember the hard times and every time I feel down I look at it and regain my strength.”

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