From on-stage falls to sporting shenanigans, even K-Pop idols can't escape a failtastic moment (or 2)!
8 Jun 2016 - 1:07 PM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2016 - 1:07 PM

For all their musical talent, dancing skills, and crazy good-looks, K-Pop stars are just as human as the rest of us. What that means is that even they're not immune to the occasional failtastic moment on or off-stage! From onstage mishaps and on-air blunders to sporting fails, here are eight utterly hilarious failtastic moments from some of our favourite idols!

8. Jessica Jung

Look at this way, at least it wasn't an on-stage slip!

7. Taecyeon - 2PM

Taecyeon almost pulls off the "pulls-off-sunglasses-dramatically" move!

Credit to Taecyeon for pushing through this moment almost seamlessly, unlike the next idol...

6. Rain

Unlike Taecyeon, Rain's sunglasses game isn't quite as sharp... 

5. Heechul - Super Junior

Heechul was so focused on his performance that he somehow forgot to step onto the rising stage. Cue many bemused looks from his fellow group members!

4. IU

With her limbs flailing everywhere, we're just amazed at how IU still managed to stay upright! 

3. Onew - SHINee

There's getting excited, and then there's getting so excited that you fall off your chair (like Onew)!

2.  Bora - SISTAR

Poor Bora has had enough failtasic moments to fill her own list! There have been onstage falls...


Basketball falls ...

And even falling whilst running! 

1. Taeyang - BIGBANG 

From nearly face-planting on the stage (twice) to somehow still staying on his feet, this must rank as one of the greatest failtastic and recovery moments ever!

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