It's the end of an era. Jamaica dela Cruz is bidding farewell to PopAsians!
23 Jun 2016 - 5:53 PM  UPDATED 27 Jun 2016 - 10:15 AM

Well, it’s been fun, PopAsians, but the time has come for me to graduate

Before going off to our next adventure, I just wanted to thank you all for the mems and look back at my TOP 10 BIGGEST PopAsia moments.


10 – JYJ’S Xia visits the PopAsia studios.

XIA was the first ever K-pop star to visit SBS PopAsia HQ, and as part of the generation that knows and loves TVXQ, that was #Incredible.


9 – Gangnam Style.

Who doesn’t remember "Gangnam Style" and how it put K-pop on the mainstream map? We even taught some politicians in Canberra how to do the dance!


8 - 4Minute visits the PopAsia studios.

Speaking of Gangnam Style...I met Hyuna and her 4Minute bandmates. It’s all the more memorable now that the group has disbanded. 


7 – Crayon Pop visits the PopAsia studios.

I was getting used to Kpop stars visiting HQ at this point! Remember the Crayon Pop craze?

6 – K-pop party 2016 with Boyfriend and JJCC!

How much fun was that double concert? Still the best concert I’ve hosted so far.

5 – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu interview.

Uhh…interviewing my favourite Jpop star of ALL-TIME? Definitely a top moment.


4 – BIGBANG finally comes to Australia.

In the early PopAsia days we used to say we’d retire when BIGBANG came to Australia. Well, it happened. We didn’t retire. :p 

3 – Leehom Wang interview.

Back then I was ALL ABOUT Taiwanese pop star Leehom Wang. I can’t remember how I stayed conscious long enough to do this interview.

2 – The 2011 Kpop Fest and our SHINee interview.

Apart from BIGBANG’s concert this is still the BIGGEST Kpop event Australia’s ever had. Twelve MASSIVE groups performing on one night? It hasn’t happened again since. This was also my first Kpop interview, and it happened to be with my #1 bias group—SHINee!

1 – Hosting the first ABU Song Festival in Seoul. I’m not sure anything can top going on a First Class trip to Seoul to rub elbows with kpop stars and host the inaugural ABU Song Festival. On this same trip EXO (OT12) taught me how to dance, I met TVXQ’s Yunho and Jpop trio Perfume backstage and accepted an international award for SBS PopAsia. That’s pretty hard to beat!

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