Minzy's new agency Music Works says it's doing all it can to make Minzy's comeback a success!
26 Jun 2016 - 11:39 AM  UPDATED 26 Jun 2016 - 2:18 PM

Minzy's new agency Music works has spoken about Minzy's next step. A representative from the agency told Nate that Minzy was currently trying to decide on her solo debut concept.

What's more, the agency is not putting a deadline on Minzy, so that she can make the right choice.

"We are currently requesting songs from composers and musicians, and working hard to find Minzy's own colour," said the source who added that "there isn't one exclusive, and we are looking at everything from dance, ballad and such." 

Minzy is currently in her 3rd year of university, so she's been busy with that as well as her solo debut since leaving YG Entertainment and her former group 2NE1. 

Source: Nate

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