In the 10 years since their debut, BIGBANG have gone through quite the number of crazy hairstyles!
28 Jun 2016 - 11:17 AM  UPDATED 28 Jun 2016 - 12:11 PM

BIGBANG aren't just known for their music and dancing, they're also pretty well-known for their hairstyles! Each member of BIGBANG have had their share of crazy hairstyles in the 10 years since their debut, and after some debating, we've narrowed down what may be the 10 craziest styles of them all.

Just a heads up, G-Dragon and Taeyang will feature quite a bit on this list!

10. Daesung's green hair

For some reason, green hair makes Daesung look like a completely different person!

9. Taeyang's "Greek Helmet" brush

Can't imagine how much hairspray it took to keep this "Greek helmet" look to stay upright.

8. G-Dragon's "Spaghetti" hair

He probably got inspired after eating some delicious spaghetti!

7. Taeyang's "Scorpion" flick

It definitely looks like Taeyang caught a scorpion and used it as a wig. It even has that distinct scorpion tail flick! 

6. G-Dragon's "Black & White" locks

It actually looks pretty good when it was short, but when it was long, it looked like a mix between a skunk and Cruella De Vil.

5. Seungri's blonde hair

Seungri isn't really known for G-Dragon levels of hairstyling, so when he does do something different with his hair, it is definitely noticeable. The "craziest" thing that Seungri did to his hair was when he dyed it blonde, but honestly, he looks fantastic with that look! 

4. Daesung's "Grandma" perm

That hairdo looks more at home on a 1950's housewife, but Daesung (and his goofy smile) somehow makes it work!

3. T.O.P's Teal hair

Like Seungri, T.O.P isn't really known for crazy hairstyles. The craziest thing he's done to his hair in recent memory was when he coloured it teal, but he absolutely rocks that look!

2. Taeyang's "Binoculars" hair

Not sure what the concept is behind this one. Are they binoculars or a couple of egg rolls on his head?

1. G-Dragon's "Fantastic Baby" hair

Not sure if everyone will think that this half-long half-shaved hairstyle is "fantastic", but it is definitely one of G-Dragon's most memorable!

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