Whatever you do, make sure you watch these horror films (with other people, preferably).
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Move aside, The Conjuring (and "The Conjuring 2") ! We bet these Asian films will leave you screaming from beginning to end. How many have you seen?


10. Scary House (2014)

When a couple moves into a new studio with their mannequins (freaky enough yet?), they are ready for a new start. However, when the  husband goes away on a business trip and the wife is left alone with the mannequins, she realizes that she may not be alone.


9. The Matrimony (2007)

When a man loses his fiancée in a tragic accident, he is inconsolable. Before long, the man’s mother intervenes and forces him into a marriage. But this is only the beginning of the twisted matrimony, as the spirit of the deceased fiancee enters the new wife’s body.


8. R-Point (2004)

A war-time horror set in the 1970s, things take a terrible turn when an army squad receives an SOS transmission from a division presumed to be dead. The squad thus sets out to rescue their comrades, but will they be successful? When they get to the area where the missing are, they are met with some eerie foes and it becomes impossible to tell the living from the dead.


7.  One Missed Call (2003)

When college student Yumi goes on a group date,  it was pleasant enough. But following the inconspicuous date, strange coincidences start to happen. It started with a missed call from an unknown number.  Before long, those who were at the group date start to meet their demise, all preceded by a missed call, of course.


6. Whispering Corridors (1998)

The classic tale of a haunted school that spawned a franchise starts here. It all begins when a school teacher is found dead on campus. It's presumed to be suicide, but as her students try to find out what really happened, it becomes apparent that there are some supernatural interventions at the school.


5. Bunshinsaba 2 , 2013

Starring and directed by a Korean cast, this Chinese film is about a group of university friends that seem to be cursed when a friend commits suicide. It also follows a Korean prequel in which a curse from a Ouija board haunts 4 school girls that bully a classmate.



4. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

When two beautiful and ill sisters Soomi (Im Sujung) and Sooyeon (Moon Geunyoung) are thrown into close proximity with their new stepmum, the idyllic house takes on a sinister facade. 

In between the family conflicts, each members begin to see things and soon it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s fantasy. For better or for worse, the sisters choose to stick together, no matter what. 


3. The Grudge (2002)

This chilling tale about a gruesome murder will have you checking under your bed every night. It’s a film about a curse that continues to live on, long after the victims of a family murder have passed away. It also spawned Hollywood remakes a few years after its release.  


2. The Eye (2002) 

When a 20-year-old violinist Wong Kar Mun gets a corneal transplant, she gets to see more than she bargained for. There seems to be more than meets the eye, as ghosts and apparitions start to appear before her. Before long, she sets out to investigate the circumstance surrounding the donor’s death while her eye sights deteriorate at a horrifying rate. 


1. Ring (1998)

The classic horror that gave way to Hollywood remakes, who could ever forget the graphic image of the ghost crawling out of the TV?! 

When a TV reporter finds out about a video that, when watched, leads to the viewer’s death, she is intrigued. In the name or a scoop, she sets out to find the video and when she does, terrible things begin to happen.

Talk about the original viral video!


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The Eye (2002)

When a 20-year-old violinist Wong Kar Mun gets a corneal transplant, she gets to see more than she bargained for. Ghosts and apparitions start to appear before her, so she sets out to investigate the circumstance surrounding the donor’s death.