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Ladybeard is now a calendar lady!
5 Jul 2016 - 10:53 PM  UPDATED 7 Jul 2016 - 2:43 PM

Just because he's Ladybeard, doesn't mean he doesn't do calendars, you guys!

  • Federal Election – guess who voted?! 
  • July 7 Tanabata festival – old folklore about 2 stars that are lovers separated by the Milky Way.
  • 2 Photoshoots for LB calendar
  • NHK childrens show film ‘Bitworld’
  • After guest performance at Shiori Tomita one-man show, had so much left over energy LB went dancing at the club!
  • LB went clubbing with Sony Japan suits and it was awesome!
  • Maybe some Ladybeard cosplayers – spot the real LB!; happened last time in Mexico, some Mexican LB cosplayers! 
  • Fan question: how many years trained for wrestling? Since 2009
  • What would LB bring to a deserted island? 

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