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Peter Hyun is joined by R&B duo As One.
14 Jul 2016 - 9:53 PM  UPDATED 14 Jul 2016 - 9:53 PM

This week, Peter is joined by R&B duo, As One! 

  • Very Talk-heavy this week, some parts cut out for podcast exclusive
  • Studio guest: As One (Korean female duo)
  • Min & Crystal from California
  • Met while in High School, introduced by mutual friends
  • Performed at LA Korean festival, and were spotted by scouts and invited to Korea
  • Oldschool vs new school – lyrics and meaning
  • K-pop has also changed – meaningful lyrics vs feeling and enjoyment
  • At the time Koreans still not accepting of foreign Koreans not being able to speak Korean 100% - also image and fashion clash (tank tops, short skirts not well accepted)
  • New album 10 years since the last; signed to Brand New Music (big hip-hop label)
  • Mostly released EPs and singles since then
  • K-pop programs in the late 90s/early 2000s, more cable programs
  • Debut performance – performed right after Baby V.O.X (big idol group at the time) – Baby V.O.X fans were still there, chanting for Baby V.O.X during As One performance
  • Music CD stores back in the day – k-pop/Korean music industry has changed over the years – ways of consumption, breaking through, competition with other groups/artists trying to debut


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