-Lucky talks about the latest Pokémon game: “Pokémon Go!” and possibly the strangest cosplay choice ever… ~*~
24 Jul 2016 - 11:08 AM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2016 - 11:14 AM

So, after a busy weekend at Haven, I was so looking forward to a nice quiet week of making new costumes, getting work done and being generally productive…


(Ay, what a handsome avatar!)

And now, I’m up until all hours in the freezing cold trying my darndest to “catch ‘em all”! No, really. I went out at 11pm in the rain to try and catch a Ghastly. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my adult life.

The Pokémon hype is real. People everywhere have picked up their smart phones, downloaded the FREE app (way to go Nintendo) and started playing.

I’ve seen all kind of people playing and that’s just one thing about this game that makes me happy.

But there’s about a million other reasons why I like it…

When I first got the game, I expected it to be a big battle competition where you’d basically just catch Pokémon and fight.
And, as I look at it now, I wasn’t too far off with my assumption but there’s way more to this phenomenon than I had first thought.
Firstly, battling isn’t really a thing. You can go to gyms and you can battle but it’s not the same format as the original Pokémon games like Red and Blue.

You challenge leaders on different teams to yours.
Oh, yeah. TEAMS!
You pick one of three teams when you reach level 5; Team Mystic, Team Instinct and Team Valor.
Each team corresponds to a legendary bird Pokémon (I think you know the ones I’m referring to)

The teams don’t really mean anything; they’re all the same just with different colours. Some people have taken to making memes about the teams; Team Valor seems to cop a lot of flack at the moment.
ANYWAY, I got the app and enjoyed playing it every now and then for a few days…

And that’s when my PokeJourney changed forever.

(This photo does not do it justice, but there were HEAPS of people there)


There were hundreds of Pokémon fans huddled in the park just shy of the large central shopping centre; all had their phones in hand playing the game.
The reason why it’s such a popular spot is because there are three PokeStops within meters of each other, which creates this fabulous intersection of free things!
But wait. THERE’S MORE.

Put a lure module on each of these stops and the PokeParty gets even better!
I basically sat in a park with my mates drinking hot chocolate and playing games for hours.

It was brilliant.

I love Pokémon Go right now and it seems like a lot of other people like it too. For those of you wondering, I am on Team Valor. The reason why I picked it was kind of because I love Red vs. Blue and does my partner. He picked Blue and so the battle continues!

I’m off to catch ‘em all now, but be sure to keep an eye out for another blog J


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