Miss A's Fei's solo debut track "Fantasy" features some serious hula hoop dance choreography - and this f(x) member decided to try out as a back-up dancer!
25 Jul 2016 - 10:03 AM  UPDATED 25 Jul 2016 - 10:03 AM

Miss A's Fei recently made her solo debut with the risque "Fantasy", a song that features some intense dance choreography with hula hoops. Since those moves require someone who is skilled in dancing, one f(x) decided to "audition" as a back-up dancer for Fei!

Fei documented the "audition" and posted up a photo onto her Instagram, taking care to keep the dancer's identity "secret". Check it out and see if you can guess who it is:

Spoiler alert: It's none other than Amber!

After "auditioning" for Fei, the two friends then posed for a few more photos, both of which were uploaded onto Amber's Instagram.

If it were possible, would you like to see Fei and Amber partner up on something?

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