In an adorable - and accidental - moment, G-Dragon receives a kiss on the cheek from a fan during BIGBANG's recent Hong Kong fan-meet!
25 Jul 2016 - 12:49 PM  UPDATED 25 Jul 2016 - 12:51 PM

Getting to be onstage with BIGBANG is something only a few fans get to do, but one fan's onstage meeting with G-Dragon will undoubtedly be remembered everyone - including G-Dragon! 

During the group's recent fan-meet event in Hong Kong, a lucky female fan was invited onstage to meet her favourite BIGBANG member - which was G-Dragon of course. During their interaction, G-Dragon leaned in close because he thought the fan had something to say, but she misread the gesture and gave the singer a kiss on the cheek instead!

Needless to say, G-Dragon was as surprised as everyone else was, but he recovered nicely and reassured the embarrassed fan that he is "so happy" and that he "feels so good right now". Check out G-Dragon's surprise kiss right here, at around the 0:50 mark:

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