BTS talks about touring, Europe, the recent album, and more in @star1 magazine's new interview and photoshoot!
28 Jul 2016 - 10:22 AM  UPDATED 28 Jul 2016 - 10:22 AM

BTS are undoubtedly busy being one of the hottest K-pop groups at the moment, but they've managed to still find the time for an interview and photoshoot with @star1 magazine!

Between taking a heap of photos, the boys talked about a variety of topics, such as their current Asia tour, their recent Europe trip, ending their "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" trilogy, the pressures of success, growing up, and of course, music.

Talking about performing:

Jimin“I always have fun and feel happy on stage. I could feel that more people are supporting us through this tour compared to the last one. I think that means we have to that much harder and continue to improve.”

Jungkook“I am always nervous and thankful every time I go up on stage. It’s hard during the moments when we perform difficult choreography but when the concert ends the audience ends up giving us more strength.”

About their recent Europe trip:

Suga“I was really excited since it was the first time the members went on a vacation together. We had a lot of fun experiences in a place I might never have been able to go to my whole life.”

J-Hope:  “We went with the concept of 20-something-year-olds on a backpacking trip, but it was like a vacation with close friends enjoying youth. We saw a lot of good sightseeing attractions through activities we planned ourselves. We huddled, took photos, and had a small barbecue party as well.”

About ending their "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life" trilogy:

Jimin“We were able to get first place for the first time and perform at the Gymnastics Stadium which we dreamed about. It’s something to be thankful for again and again.”

Suga: “I think if there’s a start, there’s also an end. Personally, I think it will be an album that I will never forget for the rest of my life but if you stay stagnant in the same place then rotting occurs. We will come back with even better music and concepts to be able to say goodbye to ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ beautifully.”

About the pressures of success:

Suga: “I think there are no times when I don’t feel that pressure. I think we always have to put forth music that’s better than the last. Our next album and the ones following it are all important albums to us and we are working hard to make them even better.”

J-Hope“The pressure is great. It’s a lie to say there isn’t any. However, all albums are like that. We have been producing our albums full of our stories and I think a lot of people will like listening to music that fits our unique style in the future as well. BTS is confident we will receive love!”

About their honest lyrics and how the future could change:

Rap Monster: “I think about the future often. I used to think more about what I could lose rather than what I could gain, so I got a lot of feedback about how I wasn’t enjoying things at the time I should have. I think you can’t help your own nature. I feel like I’m becoming an adult that is more careful as I grow thinking about what I could lose first.”

J-Hope: “Just like the lyrics, we know the audience’s cheers and applause will not be for forever. However, we don’t worry because of those lyrics. We tend to share our trivial concerns with each other. We share the belief of consistently communicating and rising up together.”

About whether their dreams have come true:

Jin: “It’s beyond my expectations. Honestly, I didn’t predict that we would receive this much love from so many people. Sometimes I think about it suddenly before falling asleep. I’m so happy that we are receiving this overwhelming amount of love.”

About differences in opinion regarding music and individual worries:

Suga: “We try to find common ground through talking amongst ourselves for every worry. We are human so troubles are inevitable but we tend to be able to fix them within a day through conversation. All of us know that each of us is important to each other.”

V: “I once fought with Jimin over dumplings. We argue over really small things but resolve it right away.”

And finally, each member had a few words for each other, as well as everyone in BTS' A.R.M.Y

Rap Monster: “Now we are able to enjoy things together more rather than suffering. I hope that the members will have lots of thing to smile about in the future as well. Fans are a precious entity that make me want to hurry to my workroom every morning when I wake up even though I get discouraged countless times while working.”

Suga: “We are hardworking and research a lot, to the point that it makes you wonder how there could be such people who consistently grow and advance. It’s a great blessing to be able to be with these cool friends. Also, ARMY is the reason for our existence. I think BTS is able to shine because we have fans. I hope to repay [fans] with better music.”

J-Hope: “I am thankful to ARMY and the members who have suffered for three years together. And Big Hit is also a hit, a hit! Let’s all gather our strength, work hard, and become happier. Your life is a hit.”

Jin: “I’m actually the ‘tsundere’ (cold on the outside warm on the inside) type, so I’m not good at taking care of the people around me. I’m thankful to the members who have adjusted to each other and get along well despite not knowing each other at all at first and inevitably having some thing not match well with each other. I’m more happy these days thanks to having ARMY with whom we can share our happiness with. I want to always give you good news and I support your future as well.”

V: “I am thankful for and proud of our members who sleep less and work hard in order to improve themselves. I am always thankful for ARMY. I hope you understand me having tan skin due to drama filming in the scorching sun.”

Jimin: “We’ve lived together for a very long time, but I want to live together for a very long time in the future as well. Each member is an important person in everyone’s lives. Three years can be considered a short or a long time; I’m thankful to ARMY who stayed by our side even though it wasn’t easy. I want to stay with you for a very long time too.

Jungkook: “I was lacking a lot when I was a trainee but the hyungs helped me and taught me a lot. I am thankful to my hyungs who always look cool and make me not want to fall behind. I will work hard until the day I can catch up to them. ARMY is something that I cannot live without. I’m always thankful and will have them walking only on flower paths (beautiful paths).”

Source: Naver

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