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Peter talks about Pokemon, Super Junior & the Army!
28 Jul 2016 - 11:44 PM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2016 - 9:25 AM

What's been on Peter's mind?

  • People are crazy about Pokemon Go, despite being a Pokemon fan kinda glad it’s not available in Korea!
  • Guest: One Way's Sky!!
  • On leave from military, finishes up service on the 23rd of August; formal Army discharge ceremony
  • What's it like being in the Army?
  • What would the boys of SuJu (and other kpop idols) who are in the Army right now be getting up to?
  • Donghae & Eunhyuk at different bases; Donghae has been performing D&E songs with TVXQ’s Changmin – could be a new unit? 
  • Eunhyuk, Shindong and Sungmin have been performing ‘Oppa Oppa’!
  • One Way comeback in the works – what will be the new style? Still figuring it out, but heavily influenced by future RnB style, DEAN – future RnB is still new for some Korean audiences
  • Hip-hop boom in Korea of recent years! 

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