In celebration of Wendy's birthday, we take a look at 8 facts about her group, Red Velvet!
1 Aug 2016 - 3:08 PM  UPDATED 21 Feb 2017 - 1:24 PM

It's a little hard to believe it's been over two years since Red Velvet made their big debut with their first single "Happiness"!

To celebrate their group member, Wendy's birthday we're taking a look at eight fun facts about Red Velvet that you may - or may not - know about.

8. They won their first music award on KBS' Music Bank for "Ice Cream Cake"

They won the trophy on the March 27, 2015 episode, just a year after they debuted!

7. Irene the oldest member (and leader) while Yeri is the youngest

There's an eight-year age gap between Irene and Yeri!

6. Wendy is the only member with Type O blood

Everyone else has Type A blood!

5. They were the first girl group to debut under "SM Town" in 5 years

While other agencies were debuting new groups, SM Entertainment waited five years between f(x)'s debut and and Red Velvet's debut.  

4. Their song "Dumb Dumb" features the word "dumb" over 200 times

219 to be exact. Yes, someone actually counted them all.

3. They were originally a 4-member group

Yeri didn't join until a year after their official debut!

2. "Automatic" was the first MV that featured new member Yeri

See if you can spot her!

1. The name "Red Velvet" has a special meaning

The "Red" represents a fierce and attractive colour, while the "Velvet" represents a softer and more feminine image. 

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