What better way to show your love for a K-pop group than to recreate some of their dances!
30 Aug 2016 - 2:33 PM  UPDATED 23 Sep 2016 - 1:40 PM

Beyond the catchy beats and quirky concepts, K-pop is known for wowing audiences with its intricate dance choreography. So when fans take the time and effort out to learn some of K-pop's more difficult dance routines - all while putting a new spin on things - it makes everything even more impressive.

So without further ado, here are 11 brilliant K-pop dance covers from 11 wildly talented fans and fan groups!

11. Psy's "Gentleman" - Jun Sung Ahn

This is doubly awesome because not only does Jun cover the dance, he also mashes in a violin cover of the song!

10. BTS' "Run" - EAST2WEST

From the matching wardrobes to the slick moves, EAST2WEST went all out for this cover and it definitely shows!

9. Stellar's "Sting" - Koreos UCLA

Watch out Stellar because Koreos UCLA (great name BTW!) really know how to bust those moves! 

8. TWICE's "Cheer Up" - EchoDanceHK

The matching costumes are a bonus, but EchoDanceHK really sell this cover with their enthusiasm and on-point moves! 

7. INFINITE's "Back" - Mckers Boontam

The guy is super-talented no doubt, but what makes this cover really cool is that Mckers actually filmed himself dancing every Infinite members' parts before mashing them together into one video! 

6. Amber Liu's "Shake That Brass" - Def Dance Skool

Given that Def Dance is a top dance school in Seoul, you'd expect them them to have some great moves - and their cover of Amber's "Shake That Brass" definitely proves it! 

5. BTS' "Fire" - Kaotsun 

Kaotsun is known for her covers, but superimposing her own performance of BTS' "Fire" into the group's dance practice video was brilliant!

4. Psy's "Gangnam Style" - St. 319

Hailing from Vietnam, St. 310 are one of the biggest dance cover artists online, and the reason why this is has never been more apparent when they did an awesome cover of "Gangnam Style"!

3. Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" - Cindy Zhang

Cindy Zhang is a dancer from Canada who was inspired by HyunA, and while she has got some great moves, her cover of "I Got A Boy" remains our favourite!

2. Almost any song you can think of - Henry & Miles

Henry and Miles are twins who share one awesome trait beyond looking alike and being related - they're both awesome dancers! From bright girl songs to intense boy songs, Henry and Miles can dance to them all!

1. Any dance cover Malhada does 

Malhada put out some great MV covers of popular K-pop songs, but it's the female dance covers that have been the most impressive!

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