In a new interview, HyunA talks about the possibility of 4Minute reuniting and whether Trouble Maker will return!
3 Aug 2016 - 9:44 AM  UPDATED 3 Aug 2016 - 9:44 AM

HyunA is currently riding a wave of momentum following the successful release of her latest solo album "A'wesome" and its title track "How's This?", but she's not ruling out the possibility of a few reunions!

In a couple of new interviews, HyunA was asked about the possibility of a 4Minute reunion, an idea that she's open to, although that will depend on a number of things.

I think it would be possible if there is an opportunity. Although I can’t say ‘yes’ immediately, I think there is a chance for us to reunite after each member is able to fulfill their individual dreams.

The singer was in good spirits about the reunion idea as she joked "Will fans still look for us if we reunite when we’re too old?".

As for whether she keeps in touch with her 4Minute group members, she replied that she would like to but she's been busy with her comeback, although she does hear news through mutual friends:

"Honestly, I could barely contact them because I was doing my comeback album. I hear about them through acquaintances. I know they are individually preparing. I hope it doesn’t look like I’m distancing them by not contacting them.”

Finally, HyunA talked about the possibility of a Trouble Maker reunion with former BEAST member Hyunseung. While nothing is in the works, the singer is open to doing more projects with Hyunseung.

“I cannot provide any confirmation. Troublemaker was a project that worked whenever a song that fit the concept came in. Although promotions plans have not been made, I would like to promote through Troublemaker since I have a lot of ambition for being on stage.”

Would you be open to a 4Minute reunion and/or a Trouble Maker comeback? 

Source: Naver, Star

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