It's been a wait, but [Alexandros] have finally released the MV for their new song "Swan"!
8 Aug 2016 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 24 Aug 2016 - 10:58 AM

***** UPDATE *****

After weeks of waiting, the new single "Swan" from our very own [Alexandros] is finally here!

Featuring some of the group's signature rock sound and a hint of electronica, the MV is a black-and-white film that intercuts footage of the boys performing and wandering around in a large house.

Check it out right here:


When they're not busy with the "J-rock Sessions", [Alexandros] are busy with other musical projects and they've just released one of them for everyone!

Just recently, [Alexandros] have released the short MV to their upcoming new track "Swan", which will be released on August 24. The song fuses some electronica elements with their usual rock sound, while the black-and-white MV features each group member wandering around a large house. 

Check out the "Swan" short MV right here:

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