Let's take a look at those K-pop stars whose selfie game is on point!
10 Aug 2016 - 4:15 PM  UPDATED 3 Sep 2018 - 3:47 PM

Never mind the dancing and the singing, one of the most important skills required of a K-pop star is the ability to take great selfies!

So without further ado - and in no particular order - here are 11 K-pop stars who have immaculate selfie skills.

12. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

He loves a serious selfie pose and we love seeing it.

11. EXID's Hani

Not only can Hani take pro-level selfies, like such...

... she can also take selfies using her feet! Now that's a talent and a half!

10. Red Velvet's Seulgi

There are so many adorable selfies of Seulgi on Red Velvet's Instagram that it might as well be her own personal account!

9. HyunA

Whether it's dance practice, waiting backstage, or just walking down the street, HyunA just can't seem to take a bad selfie! 

8. f(x)'s Amber

Not only does Amber keep everyone posted on what's going on via selfie, she somehow manages to make everything she does just that little bit cooler! 

7. BTOB's Sungjae

We think this selfie is all you need to know why Sungjae is on this list!

6. Suzy

Suzy has taken enough selfies to be considered a pro, but she gets extra points when she went on a photo/selfie taking frenzy while in Melbourne a couple years ago!

6. GOT7's Jackson

His selfies are an accurate reflection of his personality - goofy, yet caring!

5. Jessica Jung

Jessica is so photogenic that it is nearly impossible for her to take a bad selfie!

4. NCT's Ten

All the members take A+ selfies but Ten frequently feeds us the selfie content we need via NCT's official Instagram.

3. EXO's Chanyeol

Chanyeol can do everything from cute to serious selfies!

2. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

From being goofy and silly to showing off her super adorable dog, Taeyeon's selfie game is top-notch! 

1. Every member of BTS

Look, we were going to list them individually but it seemed easier to just crown BTS the king of selfies because seriously, no matter the angle or the outfit, these guys can nail the self portrait.


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