TWICE and Black Pink are distinctly different in their sound and aesthetics - so how would TWICE sing Black Pink's "BOOMBAYAH"?
12 Aug 2016 - 2:20 PM  UPDATED 12 Aug 2016 - 2:20 PM

Two of the biggest girl groups in K-pop at the moment are Black Pink and TWICE, both of whom have contrasting sounds and looks. Despite having completely different aesthetics to each other, here's a big question: what would it sound like if TWICE sang Black Pink's debut single "BOOMBAYAH"?

The answer: surprisingly well actually!

A fan of both TWICE and Black Pink took that question and decided to create a music segment video where they designated the parts of "BOOMBAYAH" to the TWICE members best suited for it - and it turns out that the members of TWICE are quite well-suited to sing Black Pink's debut single!

Check it out and judge for yourself whether TWICE could pull off Black Pink's "BOOMBAYAH":

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