So who is the mysterious "King of Masked Singer" contestant with the weird "fencing" mask and the beautiful voice?
15 Aug 2016 - 12:21 PM  UPDATED 15 Aug 2016 - 12:21 PM

For those who are unaware, MBC's singing program "King of Mask Singer" features K-pop singers going head-to-head in a singing competition, but there's an extra twist - each singer's identity is masked and no one knows who any one is until they're eliminated. 

The last couple of episodes of the show have seen fans speculate over the identity of a contestant known as the "Fencing Man". Due to the contestant's sweet voice, physical appearance, and demeanour, fans are convinced that the "Fencing Man" is BTSJungkook, though no one was 100% certain. Until now.

For the recent August 14 episode of the show, the "Fencing Man" returned for the second round of competition, where he performed a rousing cover of BIGBANG's "If You".

Although his vocal ability was praised by the judges, the "Fencing Man" lost out to his opponent and thus he had to reveal his identity.

As for who the masked contestant with the beautiful voice is, do you have any idea who it is?

Lock your guesses in now because he reveals himself right here:

***** SPOILERS *****

That's right, it was none other than BTS' Jungkook all along! 

While he demonstrated some impressive singing chops, Jungkook said that he came onto the show as he is "still lacking vocally" and that since he turned 20 this year, he wanted to have a "coming-of-age ceremony".

Regardless of the show result, you're still a winner to us, Jungkook! 

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