Peter talks about the Olympics, Black Pink, Korea's Independence Day, and answers a heap of fan questions!
23 Aug 2016 - 2:53 PM  UPDATED 25 Aug 2016 - 12:50 PM

It's all about sports, new music, and what's been happening in Korea this week!

  • The Olympics were just on, and Peter remembers that time when Sydney held the games!
  • Fan Question #1 - What qualities make up a good song or album?
  • Peter reviews "Dive In" by Geeks!
  • Fan Question #2 - What does Peter think about Black Pink?
  • Fan Question #3 - Different recording process between Korean and Japanese releases?
  • The Seoul Soul Music Festival was on!
  • Korea had its Independence Day, and certain fans didn't like big stars like G-Dragon showing their patriotism - though Tiffany's actions were questionable!
  • Fan Question #4 - How do K-pop groups prepare differently for festivals vs. music shows?

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