Time for round 3 of "Hit The Stage" - and taking to the stage this week are MONSTA X’s Shownu, Astro’s Rocky, SISTAR’s Bora, Jang Hyunseung, and BIGSTAR’s Feeldog!
25 Aug 2016 - 11:10 AM  UPDATED 25 Aug 2016 - 11:10 AM

Following INFINITE's Hoya's close win last week on "Hit The Stage", it's time for round 3 of the competition and this turn sees the contestants take on the new theme "Uniforms".

Taking to the stage first this week is MONSTA X’s Shownu, Astro’s Rocky, SISTAR’s Bora, Jang Hyunseung, and BIGSTAR’s Feeldog - how will each star fare in this "Uniform" round?

***** SPOILERS *****


Donning a hot pink suit and getting some help from dance performance team Animation Crew, Shownu puts on a thumping performance and scores an impressive 151 points. 


Inspired by Jim Carrey's character in "The Mask", Rocky puts on an entertaining and jazzy performance. But while he won the hearts of the judges, he is unable to overhaul Shownu and only managed to score 134 points.


Joining forces with SK!LL2 Fam for a football-themed performance, Hyunseung puts on an intense performance set to a remix of T.I's "Bring Em Out" and O.T. Genasis' "Cut It (feat. Young Doph)". It was definitely something special as Hyunseung scored 153 points, knocking Shownu off first place.


Broadening her dance horizons, Bora brought a sailor and tap dance concept this week - and it was awesome! While she was undoubtedly impressive, Bora could only score 150 points.


And finishing up this week was Feeldog, who took to the stage in a prison/"Orange Is The New Black" concept. Needless to say, it was an energetic and intense performance, one that scored Feeldog an impressive 155 points and thus the lead! 

Round 3 will conclude next week with performances from Girls' Generation's HyoyeonNCT's Ten, and Stephanie, but until then, which of this week's performances was your favourite?

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