From his birthday to special dreams, BTS' Jungkook covers a bit of ground in a new interview!
2 Sep 2016 - 1:04 PM  UPDATED 2 Sep 2016 - 1:04 PM

BTSJungkook (aka the Golden Maknae) just had his 19th birthday (20th in Korea), and he's been showered with love from everyone - us included! Needless to say, Jungkook's birthday proved to be a big deal and now he's opened up about his big day, his most memorable birthdays, and his future dreams in a new interview.

Speaking to Focus News, Jungkook revealed that despite being one year older, he still feels really young and that there's a lot more he still wants to do - unsurprising since he's only just hit the 20 mark!

Jungkook expressed that he wishes that time will pass faster and that he is most looking forward to becoming 24-years-old, commenting that he is "very curious at what [he'll] be doing at that age".

Given that he's celebrated a few birthdays with all the other BTS boys since his debut, Jungkook then revealed his most memorable birthday, which was the one where he was pranked during the filming of a music video! He revealed that "his frustration exploded because of the prank" but now he looks back on it as one of his most "memorable events".

In fact, you can check out the prank right here:

With all the love and presents he gets from fans, Jungkook thinks that all of the gifts he receives are special, stating that he "thinks [presents] contain one’s feelings so they are all individually special and precious.” 

As for what he would like as a gift in the future, Jungkook modestly said that he would like to gift himself music and that someday he wants"to make a song [himself] and gift it to [himself]".

With many more birthdays to come, Jungkook was then asked what does he think he will be like in 10 years time, to which he cheekily replied “I don’t think much will have changed, but don’t you think I will be a bit more mature on that birthday?”

And finally, Jungkook was asked who he would like to thank for his birthday, to which he sweetly replied: 

“My parents of course. I think I have to tell my parents that I’m thankful over all other people. Mom, dad, I love you.”


Happy birthday (for yesterday), Jungkook!

Source: Focus News

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