GOT7's Jackson suffered a minor injury after being involved in a car accident caused by overzealous fans.
2 Sep 2016 - 9:20 AM  UPDATED 2 Sep 2016 - 9:20 AM

In some unfortunate news, GOT7's Jackson has suffered a minor injury after being involved in a car accident that was caused by overzealous tailgating fans.

According to reports, Jackson was on his way to the airport on the morning of September 1 when some fans began following him dangerously close in their cars, and this ultimately caused an accident.

In response to the incident, JYP Entertainment released a statement on what had happened, as well as warning fans from acting in such a dangerous manner:

“Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

While GOT7’s Jackson was on his way to the airport this morning, he was involved in a car accident that was caused by a fan following him by car and was subsequently injured.

As of now, Jackson was taken immediately to the hospital upon arriving at his destination, and actions were taken so that he could be examined.

Following artists’ cars is a dangerous act that could cause severe accidents involving not only the artist, but also yourself and everyone around you.

As it is dangerous to not only your safety, but others’ safety as well, we respectfully ask fans once more [to not act in this manner] so that a situation where the public is endangered does not arise.

Thank you.”

Thankfully, JYP also provided an update on Jackson's injury after he visited the hospital, and his condition was reported as not serious:

"Jackson was not seriously injured, however, as it was a car accident, he went to a local hospital immediately after arriving in Japan. We’ll be able to determine his activity schedules based on the results [of his examination].”

Due to this accident, it remains to be seen whether Jackson is able to take part in the JYP Nation concert on September 4 in Japan.

Get better soon, Jackson, and we hope to see you back to 100% in no time!

Source: Naver #1, Naver #2

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