Nichkhun & Chansung are next up to play 2PM's upcoming "Gentlemen's Game"!
5 Sep 2016 - 10:31 AM  UPDATED 8 Sep 2016 - 11:23 AM

***** UPDATE #2 *****

Let the gazing commence because 2PM have dropped more teaser images for everyone!

First we have some new teaser images of Jun.K and Taceyeon, both of whom are looking especially dapper:

With individual teaser images for each member now released, the boys have put a cherry on top of everything by dropping some new images of the whole group! Check out these new classy images right here:


***** UPDATE #1 *****

Hot on the heels of those new "Gentlemen's Game" teaser images, 2PM have now dropped some more, this time of Nichkhun and Chansung

Needless to say, both are looking absolutely dashing in this new mature concept, and we absolutely can't wait until their new album drops on September 13!

Here are the Nichkhun and Chansung teaser images:


Hold onto your hats everyone because 2PM have dropped their comeback schedule and the first batch of member teaser images!

According to the boys' schedule, 2PM's latest album will be titled "Gentlemen's Game" and fans can get their hands on it on September 13. Interestingly, the first batch of member teaser images also feature the word "Promise", which suggests that it is the name of their new title track!

Check out their schedule right here:

As for the member teaser images of Wooyoung and Junho, check them out here:

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