We all LOVE K-dramas, but some things just make our blood boil
20 Sep 2016 - 11:25 AM  UPDATED 20 Sep 2016 - 11:26 AM

If you’ve seen my first list of irritating things in an Asian drama, then I’m sure you knew that list wasn’t complete. So alas my drama lovers, let's go over the other set of things guaranteed to make our blood boil.


Characters who have poor peripheral vision 

This usually applies to someone who is talking smack about another character who just so happens to be around the corner. Characters with poor peripheral vision also face the risk of walking directly into sticky situations. Who could forget that one time in Heir’s where Eun-Sang mindlessly walked herself into what would have been the ultimate Tan VS Young-do showdown. How did she bypass a strongly assembled circle of people? Why didn’t anyone pull her back? Will my tunnel vision game ever be as strong? Sooooo many questions. 



Wait? Didn’t we JUST watch this? Using a flashback is a great way to move a drama forward but just how much of the plot are we going to miss if we blink? Amazing that the writers think we can’t remember what happened literally two minutes ago. Credit to Drama Troll, they know exactly how we feel.

Time skip

We’re convinced K-Drama writers are given two special writing cards before they start. One card that lets you use amnesia and the other allows you to use a time skip, both equally just as irritating. Cheese in the Trap had its issues both on-screen and off-screen which resulted in a very messy drama. What better way to wrap all of that up than to have a three-year time skip that left us with more unanswered questions. 

 Not all time skips are bad. We love a good happy ending with an OTP and their cute little kids *clutches heart* 



What better way to mess with our emotions than to have our hero forget all about his feelings for his one true love. Every year we’re guaranteed at least two K-dramas that will use Amnesia as a plot turner. When writers can’t seem to find a way out of the conflict they created, out comes the good ol’ amnesia card. Let’s not forget that one time the writers of Nice Guys gave us not one character with amnesia but two. Double the amnesia, triple the irritation.  


Second Lead Syndrome aka SLS

Ahhh yes, the irritating feeling of desperately wanting the lead actress to end up with the better guy. You can’t help but hate every bit of affection wasted on the first lead and soon enough you’ll start despising the lead actress too. This is usually accompanied by either doing the ugly cry, throwing something at your screen or both. How many times must we suffer SLS? Someone needs to find the magical ladder that will help our second leads escape the friend-zone dungeon. Except this second lead from She Was Pretty, stay right there Shin Hyuk aka Super Junior's Siwon - I'LL RESCUE YOU!!



Everybody loves eavesdropping in a K-drama. Especially when it’s a villain who comes across our hero’s vengeance plan or a nosy mother-in-law who finally got some incriminating information on our leading lady. You know what else we love? Out-of-context eavesdropping where it’s best to misunderstand and jump to conclusions in a variety of ways:


The ‘Poor peripheral vision’ eavesdropping
 The ‘Walls and doors aren't soundproof’ eavesdropping
 The ‘Eavesdropping on the eavesdropper’ eavesdropping

 Inside voices everybody, inside voices.


At the end of the day we will still binge-watch our way through every Asian drama, irritation and all.

What are some of the things you find irritating in a K-Drama? Let us know below

DQ signing off,

Shay Shay

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