Looks like GOT7 are experiencing some "Turbulence" (among other things) in their new teaser trailer!
19 Sep 2016 - 9:49 AM  UPDATED 19 Sep 2016 - 2:55 PM

Strap in tight because GOT7 just dropped a turbulent trailer for their upcoming new album "Flight Log: Turbulence", and it is as exciting as it is weird and confusing.

The video opens with the group messing around on a flight, but when the seatbelt lights flash on, only Jinyoung is asked to sit down. From there, there are a number of scenes that seemingly combines the weirdness of Inception with the aftermath of a plane crash.

Needless to say, it's all quite intense and weird, so check out GOT7's new trailer right here and see what you can make of it.

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