During their appearance of MBC every1 & MBC Music's "Star Show 360", EXO dish on Baekhyun's love of walking around naked & Kai's love of his phone!
20 Sep 2016 - 10:51 AM  UPDATED 20 Sep 2016 - 10:51 AM

EXO had the honour of being the first guests on "Star Show 360", a new program from MBC every1 and MBC Music, and the boys wasted no time in dishing out hilarious anecdotes about Baekhyun and Kai!

During EXO's appearance on the September 19 episode of the show, the conversation shifted towards Baekhyun and his lack of boundaries when it comes to, uh, bodily functions. In fact, the group even made the (hilarious) request that Baekhyun restrain himself by asking "“Please try to hold back when it comes to flaunting your physical needs and natural physical phenomenon (farting), Baekhyun.” 

In response to these "concerns", Baekhyun stated that he does those things to break the ice between members before confessing that he "walks around the dormitories naked" in order to "get rid of any barriers". Upon hearing this, the show MCs - understandably - saw the hilarity in all of this and suggested that Baekhyun should keep doing what he is doing!

It wasn't just Baekhyun that the EXO members dished on, as Kai also received the short end of the stick for being glued to his phone all the time.

Baekhyun stated that“Even when he’s sleeping, the phone is right next to him [by his face]. So Kai’s vision isn’t really good, and most people don’t put contacts on as soon as they wake up, but he still needs to look at his phone, so he looks at his phone like this" before doing a hilarious impression of Kai trying to read his phone whilst getting his morning yakuroto (Korean yogurt drink).

Needless to say, many laughs were had, and Kai could only lightheartedly defend himself by saying "It was a long time ago"!



Source: Nate, MyDaily

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