It's Sechs Kies turn for a comeback!
5 Oct 2016 - 12:50 PM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2016 - 2:58 PM

***** UPDATE *****

It turns out that the next YG artist to make a comeback isn't Black PinkBIGBANGAkdong MusicianWinner, or 2NE1. It is in fact the one and only Sechs Kies!

YG dropped a follow-up Sechs Kies reveal image to yesterday's "Who's Next" teaser, revealing that returning group will be releasing a brand new single on October 7. This new song will be Sechs Kies' first release since their last album in 2000, a gap of 16 long years. 

Are you excited for Sechs Kies' new single?


A few weeks ago, we caught wind that YG Entertainment were reportedly planning a turbo-charged musical slate for the rest of 2016. September saw the solo debuts of iKON's Bobby and Winner's Mino, and based on a new teaser poster posted up the official YG Blog, it appears that another group will be on the comeback trail this month!

Given that Black Pink have reportedly been busy filming new MVs, there's a good chance that the girls are next in line to return to the scene. However, taking into account the recent announcement that BIGBANG are working on a new song (and possible new album), perhaps there's they could be next to come back.

And of course, who can forget  2NE1 (however slim that possibility may be) or Akdong Musician?

Whilst we wait for YG to officially reveal who is coming back on October 7, let us know who you think will be next to come back!

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