VIXX will be back (soon) to conclude their "Conception" trilogy with "Kratos"!
10 Oct 2016 - 2:34 PM  UPDATED 10 Oct 2016 - 2:34 PM

Throughout 2016, concept kings VIXX have been enthralling fans with their"Conception" trilogy. Having released two installments - "Zelos" and "Hades" - so far, the group will reportedly be back soon to conclude the trilogy with the third single album of the project! 

According to a new report, VIXX will be returning on October 31 with the third installment to their "Conception" trilogy, titled "Kratos". Check out an early teaser image of "Kratos" right here: 

Are you excited for VIXX's comeback and their upcoming "Kratos" album?

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