23 years old today, 23 fun facts about BTS birthday boy Jimin!
13 Oct 2016 - 1:37 PM  UPDATED 17 Sep 2018 - 4:50 PM

Today is a very special day for a certain BTS member going by the name of Jimin - it's his 23rd birthday (24 in Korean age)! 

To celebrate this big occasion, here are 23 fun facts about the birthday boy!

23. His beauty has seen him go viral more than once

Earlier this year he won over fans and non-fans alike with a fancam that went viral.

22. He's the person BTS members talk to when they're down

BTS members have often acknowledged that Jimin is who they go to when they need to talk to someone. V especially has talked about how meaningful their friendship is because Jimin's always there for him.

21. His ideal type - nice, cute, charming, and MUST be shorter than him!

He may be the shortest member in BTS, but at 173cm, Jimin shouldn't have too much trouble finding someone shorter than him!

20. He studied modern dance at an arts high school before his teacher recommended that he audition to be a K-pop star

And you know what? We're glad he did! 

Image result for jimin dancing gif

19. He practices quite a lot with Jungkook

The two have some serious dancing chemistry that's for sure!

18. He loves exercising

This explains those washboard abs then! 

17. Jin thinks Jimin is the member who changed the most since their debut 

Let's compare and see for ourselves!

Debut Jimin

Present Jimin

Image result for jimin idol gif

16. He has his own solo song on "WINGS" - "Lie"

15. While everyone else feels embarrassed dressing as a girl, Jimin thinks he looks pretty dressed as girl

You know, he's not entirely wrong...

14. He once lost to Jungkook in an arm-wrestling match

The one time he didn't enjoy holding hands with Jungkook! Probably. 

13. Things he wants to steal from the other BTS members...

We think he's fine as he is, but this is what he wants from the other BTS members:

  • Rap Monster’s height
  • V’s talent and gaze
  • J-Hope’s cleanliness
  • And Suga’s diverse knowledge!


12. His celebrity crush is none other than J-Hope

We smell a new bromance brewing...

(Start at around 0:35)

11. He's pretty unlucky at the game "End Plate King"

Maybe it's the luck of the draw, but getting a majority of the punishments every time is a whole new realm of unlucky! 

10. His favourite Avenger is Hulk (because everyone likes Iron Man)

9. The most charming part about himself? His eyes!

It's a struggle to look away...

Image result for jimin eyes gif

8. His favourite karaoke song is Taeyang's "Only Look At Me"

Outside of the karaoke room, Jimin also likes imitating Taeyang whenever he can!

7. He also idolises Rain (and Rain's body rolls)

That explains this then! 

6. His ideal superpower would be to talk to dogs and animals


5. He's got some serious tumbling skills

What can't he do!?!

4. He always felt really sorry for kicking the other members during his "No More Dream" performance

3. When compared to a non-human thing, Jimin thinks of himself as a squirrel..

But as for the other BTS members:

Jungkook: A rhinoceros 

V: A "Jeju’s dol hareubang" (Stone Statue)

J-Hope: A muscled kid who happens to look like a dog(!)

Rap Monster: A Geodude

2. His initial stage names included Baby J and Kid, but he decided to stick with his real name, Ji-min

Baby J and Kid just don't have the same ring as "Jimin"! 

1. He isn't just popular with ARMYs and K-pop fans - even fellow K-pop stars love him!

At the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships, Jimin was voted as the idol whom every (female) K-pop wanted to see at the finish line! 

Happy birthday, Jimin!

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