GOT7 indulge in a bit of "GOT7 Bingo" during their appearance on SBS MTV's "The Show"!
12 Oct 2016 - 1:53 PM  UPDATED 12 Oct 2016 - 1:53 PM

GOT7 are currently busy promoting their latest album "Flight Log: Turbulence" and their title track "Hard Carry" on the Korean music show circuit, but the boys have managed to find the time to squeeze in a bit of bingo!

During their appearance on the October 11 episode of SBS MTV's "The Show", GOT7 were invited to play a round of "GOT7 Bingo" whereby the group are asked a heap of bingo questions about each other. The prize for getting five questions in a row and thus bingo? Pizza!

Needless to say, many laughs were had and many funny facts were revealed about each member, such as Yugyeom's age limit for dating older women (SPOILERS: he has no limit) and Bambam's refusal to ever swap bodies with one particular member (SPOILERS AGAIN: it's JB).

We could list them all, but we think it's better if you checked out "GOT7 Bingo" in its full glory right here (complete with English subtitles)!

Once you're done with some "GOT7 Bingo", let's keep the laughs going by revisiting that time when Andy Trieu "visited" the "Hard Carry" set:

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