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13 Oct 2016 - 6:48 PM  UPDATED 13 Oct 2016 - 6:48 PM

The Chinese music industry is booming and gaining more attention on the global stage! C-POP music is not only from Mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, but also Singapore, Malaysia and any other country with Chinese-speaking residents. For C-POP aficionado, this weekly new blog will bring you all the latest C-pop music and celebrity gossip. 

“Sing! China” found the next C-POP Star

The reality singing competition to find China’s next music star, Sing!China, broke the TV and online viewing records and topped the ratings for seven straight weeks. Last Friday, they picked a winner - Jiang DunHao from the Wang Feng team took out the crown. Nathan Hartono from the Jay Chou team finished second, he is also the first Singaporean to have reached the final in five editions of the show. Sing!China is the rebranded version of The Voice of China, a show based on the original The Voice of Holland.

Taiwanese pop star Rainie Yang returns to the music scene with <Traces of Time In Love>

The wait is over! After nearly two years since her last album, Taiwanese pop star Rainie Yang returns to the music scene with her new album <Traces of Time In Love> released one week ago. Rainie launched her career as a cutie-pie idol 15 years ago, after her girl group <4 In Love> disbanded in 2002, she went on to pursue a successful solo career in singing and acting. This is, now, her tenth album with a more mature and sophisticated voice.

Feel the Vibes of Hong Kong Singer Hins Cheung!

Anyone who is a big fan of Cantonese pop songs, would definitely be looking forward to this new album from Hong Kong singer-songwriter Hins Cheung. In his new EP Vibes, lyricist Wyman Wong compares self-sacrificing people to fictional superhero Robin in the mini-album's main plug "Robin." He also wrote "Classmates from Different Classes," which talks about the life issues of different generations. 

Alesso Delivers A Flip Of His Song “I Wanna Know” With Jolin Tsai

The Swedish superstar Alesso is known for his versatile production skills. From melodic and lush productions to big room bangers which can tremor any venue. Alesso delivers a stunning rendition of his track “I Wanna Know” which originally featured Nico & Vinz on vocals. This melodic rendition features mellow vocals from Taiwanese Pop Star Jolin Tsai, who is known as Asian Madonna. Driven by a guitar melody, the track progresses with Jolin’s vocals and emotive chords, making it a perfect track to get you moving. 

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